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Bunkering in Tunisia

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The strategic position of Tunisia, makes it ideal for yachts crossing the mediterranean and wishing to undertake bunkering operations. Our team is at your disposal to send you bunkering costs and make necessary arrangements before yacht arrival.
We make sure to organise these bunkering operations in a effective and efficient way to ensure minimum waitng time for yachts so that she can quickly sail away once bunkering completed.
Additionally, a number of Marinas such as the Marina of Bizerte have their own bunkering facility and a range of bunker types available in stock which makes bunkering operations much more smoother. However, we manage to provide bunker supply by truck at any other Marina in Tunisia in a very efficient way.

During the port call, we are at the captain’s full disposal for any ship supply and provisions such as fresh water, fruits and vegetables and other articles.

We have a wide network of partners which allow us to fulfil any order for articles that are available in Tunisia.


Ship supply & provisions in Tunisia

Our range of yacht concierge service is very wide and always adapt to client demands. It goes from restaurant reservations and hotel booking to special requests including baby sitter, hair dresser, medical visit, bodyguard or personal trainer.

Thanks to our long experience in providing these type of services, we have built a solid network of partners that we are sure of their level of professionalism and ethics.


Concierge in Tunisia

During your time in Tunisia, we can assist you with all your laundry requests whether for crew uniforms or passengers. We pick up laundry and make sure it is returned fast to the yacht.

We work with professional laundry company which perform excellent and fast laundry service for all types of requests


Laundry & fabric cleaning in Tunisia

Thanks to our fast and efficient customs clearance team, we can manage clearance and delivery of spare parts to vessels in very tight schedules.

Our team can organise cargo documents and obtain necessary authorisations before cargo arrival in order to ensure delivery to deck before vessel departure.


Ship spares in Tunisia

Tunisia has a long standing tradition in providing yachts maintenance services which is why we managed, over the years, to build a solid portfolio of partners composed of talented professionals that can attend your yacht at any time to provide all types of maintenance from Electrical to mechanical as well as regular yacht servicing.


Maintenance services in Tunisia

We can organise disembarkment and embarkment of crew members and ensure airport port transfer in a very effective way.

We assist crew members for check in and formalities at airport to ensure that crew changes operations run as smooth as possible without any complications.


Crew change in Tunisia

Our company is very keen to enable vessel crew members go on shore during their port call; therefore we make sure to arrange all visas and shore passes upon vessel arrival.

Our deep knowledge of immigrations procedures makes formalities smoother and more comfortable for cabin crews.


Visa/Immigration in Tunisia