Mistral Shipping


Mistral Shipping

Automotive industry in Tunisia

North africa - Critical transport operations - Supply chain

With the establishment of a growing number of automotive cables and wiring manufactures in North Africa, our company engaged very early in the automotive industry, securing time critical transport operations and making sure supply chain keep running in a smooth and seamless way.
image mistralshipping
image mistralshipping
Mistral Shipping

Our office in Tunisia

Radès - Tunis – Bizerte

Our office work closely with automotive manufactures to move parts all over the world in a time critical manner to their clients worldwide.
Mistral shipping

Our main moto in logistics services

Air freight - Sea freight - Road freight - Time critical deliveries - Project operations OOG

Sectorial Knowledge

With a multitude of clients coming from so many OUR MOTO different industries, our company learnt how to adapt to the customer requirements rather than the other way around. We listen, focus, process, inquire and then come back with the best transport solutions that will answer to our client’s needs.

Client oriented

Over the years, we developed a client-oriented culture that made us more like an in-house logistic partner rather than a supplier or a sub- contractor. Our client trust us, share their concerns, challenges and future plans with us, and together we work on short, mid and long-term solutions that will allow them to grow, reach new markets and accomplish their goals.


We highly value our customer trust, which we built over so many years of collaborations, that is why we consider transparency as a compulsory component in our client relationship. We give real time facts of cargo movements to allow our clients to take necessary measures and anticipate any delays or trouble that may occur during transport operations.